Hey everyone it’s getting close
Just wanted to send out a few short updates.
First off –
Parking – The lot for the DEC entrance will be marked with balloons because it is a party after all! You can drop your stuff off and then find parking near by. Across the street is a Shopping center parking lot that you can use. Please drop things off and then park your car. We’d really like to leave those lots open for crew access and for people using the trail itself.
Camping – Previously camping was something we were going to steer away from. Though there is no camping the night before, if you’re running you’re more than welcome to set up a tent for yourself or your crew from Saturday morning on.
Weather – Depending on where you go for your weather fix we’ve got everything from 50% rain to sunny and 70 — so look out for another email as it gets a little closer. Try to be prepared for anything.
Please if anyone is coming from out of town and has either a car, or space in their car or can help someone out head over to the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/events/242937169178507/ and see if you can help a fellow runner out!
Hope everyone is excited!!
If this is the first race communication you’ve gotten from us, head over to the website and look for the RACE COMMUNICATIONS tab for the previous emails that were sent out.


Vinny & Nichole