Hey everyone!!!


Hope everyone is NOT up to get this and you’re all asleep getting a good nights rest in the days before the race. We just wanted to go over some final details of the race and what’s going on while you’re out there.


First off, we’ve got just over 100 people! Unfortunately Grindstone 100 was displaced due to the gov’t shutdown and we allowed a few people in from there. We were NOT able to offer them the vertical change they’ve been training for, but we got the distance!


You’re going to be following clothespins with pink ribbon hanging off of them all day long. At night, we’ll have some glow sticks hanging around to light your way!


Some rules for the weekend…. Due to the increased amount of registrants; finishers will get medals only for the race that they signed up for. In other words, if you’ve registered for the 50 mile, and DNF after 35 miles, you will not get a finisher’s award for the 50k.

Cut offs. EVERY RACE has a cut off of 12 noon on Sunday. Yes, even the 50k. We WANT you to finish and if we’re going to be out there with the 100 milers, why not give you the shot to get it done too!


A few things about the course. Just a reminder, you’re crossing roads. Stay alert.


We’re going to be occupying state property. One of the reasons that there aren’t a lot of trail races on Long Island, is because they’re often reluctant to let people in them for events like this. We were lucky enough to have a runner themselves get involved on that end of things and give us a shot. PLEASE keep that in mind while you’re out there. Adhere to ALL leave no trace rules. This means bring out what you bring in. Please don’t leave any trash on the trail. If you have to use the bathroom on the trail, do your best to stay off main trails, and pack out your paper if you can. We really want to be able to offer this, and more, races next year!


In order to help you out where we can with this stuff, we’re going to stage a box a little ways away from the aid stations,  for cups and garbage that you may bring with you away from the station.


There will be a port a pot at both aid stations.


To reduce the amount of waste that we have, we’re going to ask everyone do their best to use minimal cups at each aid stations and try to carry a water bottle or pack of sorts. If you have a bottle, or cup that you want to leave at the aid station to reuse each time you there, we will keep it aside for you and have it filled for you! Of course there will be cups there, we’ll have them, but we’d rather pack up unused ones for next year rather than throw away a bunch.


There was a lot of concern at the beginning of the season about ticks. Please prepare for them. It is getting a little colder but that doesn’t mean that they’re gone for good. We will have a can or two of deet spray for people to use if you forget it, but please try to prepare.


Also it is technically small game hunting season. There may be a bow hunter or two near by. They are very good about the rules they have to follow out there. Things like shooting across open trails and being aware. In fact they’re probably going to stay away from us because the game will be too. Just know that they’re out there and if you see someone with a bow, its’ kinda normal 🙂


Parking —across the street is a Waldbaums Parking Lot… there are a lot of spots in there we can use. There is another lot opening on Saturday at noon. Like I said in a previous email please try to leave the small lot that’s at the entrance for crew members during the race.

Once you’re in the lot, there is a sign and an opening to a cement walkway. If you walk about 100 yards down you’ll see the start. We will have signs and music playing for you to follow. It’s harder to explain than it is to see, so don’t worry you’ll be fine. I will post a satellite view of the start area and everything to make it a little clearer on the site.


Social Media – Please have people go follow @happilyrunning on twitter or like Happily Running on facebook. We’re going to try to post anything and everything we can while the weekend goes on. Also we’ll post them with the hashtag #teslahertzrun

Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday!


Nichole & Vinny

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