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Officially welcome to the 3rd Annual Tesla Hertz Run weekend. Going to try to go over everything in this email and see if we can cover it all. I’ll try to make it chronological so it makes the most sense.


–          Conference Call –  Going to take a page out of another race’s book. We will hold a conference call this Wednesday  Oct 7th at 8:00PM- It will be more of a Q&A type call. One of us will be on the call to answer questions from 8-8:30.

–          Packets – Since there isn’t a lot to worry about, you can come right before your race. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that we have 4 races going off on Saturday. We’re only checking in 1hr before your race. So if you’re running the 50k, your check in will start at 7:00 am because your race starts at 8:00 am.

10 milers on SUNDAY – Anyone running the 10 mile you race will start on time on Sunday. We’d like to encourage you to get out there and support the group of folks that have been out there ALL night! If you know anyone looking to run, have them come out too. It’s looking to be a small field and the 10 miler is there to get people who never knew there were trails on LI  out there!

–          Weather  – Looks like the weekend is going to be nice. Little bit of rain on Friday but anyone that was there last year knows the ground will get dry pretty quick.

–          Getting there –   245 NY-25A Rocky Point, NY 11778 – This is the address to ACROSS THE STREET from the trail entrance. If you’re parking and LEAVING your car for the day, park here. In the Waldbaum’s parking lot. If you have a crew member that can move your car, feel free to park where ever, and they can move it. If you have a lot to drop off you can park in the lot for the race then move it to Waldbaums before your race.  The trail entrance will be marked with Lights, Cones, Balloons.  You’ll know it.  There is a decent walk to the actual start area. So if you’re carrying a lot, we’d suggest you use a wagon, or a hand cart or something of that sort. We will try to lend a hand as much as possible.

–          See this picture –

–          Start times – 5-10 mins before each race, Vinny will have a prerace briefing. Races will start ON TIME!!  Also – we have a hard rule at this race. The race you toe the line for is the race you MUST complete. If not you’re a DNF. That means if you step up for the 100k and only finish 5 laps, you do NOT get a finishing time/award for the 50 mile. You get a DNF. You have a REALLY long time to be out there to get any race distance done and we will support you as much as we can and help push you and encourage you and perhaps even run WITH you if that’s what it takes, but what you started, is what you must complete in order to get a finisher’s award.

–          Course markings – We use PINK survey tape attached to clothes pins in the trees. Some will also have reflective tape on them so you can see them from REALLY far away.

–          Mandatory Gear –  100 milers – you must start with a headlamp/flash light. ANYONE who is out past sundown needs to have a headlamp or flashlight. Honestly it’s not about the trail. You’re crossing a road 2 times, per loop and we want to make sure everyone is seen properly.

–          Aid stations – We’re going to have HEED, Gatorade and Water. If your taste is for something else we’d suggest bringing your own. You’re welcome to use the water to mix whatever you need.  We’re switching it up a bit due to some things we weren’t happy with about the Hammer sponsorship rules and changes. Nichole and I both use Honey Stinger products; we feel they make great nutrition and do just as good if not better than competitors.  Therefore, we will have caffeinated and non-caffeinated gels, chews and waffles at each aid station.  There will also be a decent amount of food. Everything you’d normally expect to see at aid stations ; PB&J, pretzels, candy, soda, soup, bacon, pancakes, quesadillas, pickles, eggs, potatoes… but there’s seriously a grocery store right across the street. We’ll go get something if you’re craving it. There will be vegan selections as well. We ask that if you are NOT vegan, please be mindful of those that are. If you have something you’d like us to prepare, serve or have ready for you, feel free to bring it as well.

–          Cut offs – There is ONE cut off — 1200PM Sunday Oct 11th   — that’s it, ALL racers can be out there until that time. You CANNOT get a finish time after that time.

–          VOLUNTEERS – We do this race on very little help, sleep, cost, and a WHOLE LOT of effort. So if you know anyone willing to hang out, or you, yourself are willing to hang out after you run your race, by all means hang out.

–          Social Media – We like to try to keep up with the race on or @happilyrunning on twitter, or @happilyrunning on Instagram. Also if you’re the social media type hashtag is –   #thzrun


OK that’s A LOT of info in there… so hopefully you’ve read it all and we’ve covered all your questions. If not feel free to shoot us an email, facebook message, call, text, carrier pigeon … whatever. See you all in a few days!



–          Nichole & Vinny

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