Hey all – wanted to reach out one last time before the weekend.  First and foremost Nichole and I will be pretty heavy into prep over the next few days. So if you email either of us, don’t worry we’ll get to you just might not be as quick as we have been.


If you didn’t get the last one please head over to the communications page on  look for 2017 EMAIL 1

Mandatory Gear –  Got this question a few times so I figured a few of you might have it too – headlamp when it’s dark is the ONLY thing we care about you having.  You should know yourself well enough to know if you can make it 5-6 miles with a bottle, or water or food etc.  Keep in mind a few things this year, it’s hotter than normal for sure, and just because it’s flat doesn’t mean it’s “easy”. This course has surprised a LOT of people. Please be careful out there.

Drinks at the AS –  we will have SKRATCH  orange and lemon limes – one station will have all of the orange the other will have all of the lemon limes, so this way you can skip it if you don’t like that flavor.
Gels –  we have a TON of hammer gels, all different flavors – take some, please.

Cups – we really really try to be cupless  but we realize that’s just not going to be 100% possible, so please limit your cup usage. We’ll have some bottles you’re welcome to grab if needed. Not enough for everyone, but some.

A word on Ticks –  so it’s pretty late in the season and LI is notorious for ticks, so please take care of yourselves. We’ll try to have some spray, but please don’t rely on us. Also keep in mind that you should reapply often if you’re sweating. Another good idea is to bring one of those lint rollers that is basically just masking tape, and hit your legs with one of those every once in a while.

PARKING – there’s no real “PARKING” on site.  There is a grocery store called “SUPER FOODTOWN” across the street that we’ve had people park at in the past. Just keep in mind that it’s there for customers so park away from the store if possible.  It is a rather busy road, so please be safe. There is a gravel lot that you can park in ONLY FOR DROPPING OFF GEAR, or if you’re a crew member and will be leaving throughout the day. Please do NOT park there if you’re going to leave your car for more than an hour or two.

CREW PARKING for either aid station can be on the road itself. So for Whiskey Girl aid station you can park on the shoulder of Whiskey Rd, but ONLY the north side, the side the aid station is on. Please be mindful that is a pretty dark road so pay attention to your surroundings.

MAIN START /FINISH parking for CREW – can be ON the road as well. Park ONLY on the south side, the east bound traffic side, the side WITH the entrance on it.


We really hope that anyone who’s running earlier in the day sticks around and hangs out. We’ve got a lot of awesome people running around this loop for a pretty long time and the more faces out there they see the easier it is.

If you have people that are looking to follow you and the rankings have them check  We’ve had some weird issues in the past with updates not working right or certain things going wonky so we’re going to stay on top of it on our main page there.


Any last minute food suggestions please email

Any race changes/ questions please email

Please go to our facebook event

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Honestly folks just so you know this is something that not only Nichole and I, but our family and friends look forward to every year. We’ve got friends and family coming in from out of state to be here and help out because it’s fantastic to watch you guys do this. We’re here for you, ask anyone who’s run this before, we going to help you finish as much as we can.

Until Saturday folks.


“If one could run without getting tired I don’t think one would often

want to do anything else.”

– C.S. Lewis