Hello Tesla Participants!


I hope the email reaches you all well. With a little less than a month to go, you should be either in or approaching your tapertantrums and getting ready to run! Most of our details are covered on our site at www.teslahertzrun.com   though , just in case you can’t find them there here are some of the high level details.  After re reading this, it’s pretty long, might need a cup of coffee or tea.

AWARDS –  This year we’re happy to announce that we’ve got some awards for the winner of each distance. Ladies – runningskirts.com will be giving us some gear for you and Gents theholyblack.com will be awarding you with some premium shaving/beard gear.  Please visit their sites and take a look around. Both have some pretty sweet stuff.

PARKING– We’re working on this so stay tuned for further details. As of right now, we’ll still be utilizing the parking lot across the main road. We don’t care for this and want to make a safer option, just waiting to hear back from another landlord.  Either way give yourself a few minutes to get from your car to the Start – it’s a little ways of a walk. If you have a lot to carry, seems that a cart like a radio flyer or gorilla cart work well.

CAMPING – There is no overnight camping. If you’re running the event, you can throw up a tent for shelter ( for yourself, your gear or crew) Though we cannot have anyone staying over night Friday before the event. Also- no open flames.

BIB PICKUP – We’re a really small race, so we try to do everything the day of. We will check you in up to 1hr before your race starts (So 100 milers, you can check in starting at 5am, 100k/50m at 6am, and so on). You’ll get your bib and shirt then. The chips on your bibs cannot be folded, so you’re welcome to fold the bib outside of the chip and so the number is showing.

AID STATIONS – There are two – One is the main start/ finish and the other is about 5.6 miles in called Whiskey Girl.  Crew access is EXTREMELY easy by car to Whiskey girl, you literally pull into the lot next to the tent.  If you need anything taken down from Start/Finish to whiskey girl for you, please have it labeled and give it to us as soon as you can. If you have a crew member that can take it for you and leave it there, that’s probably the better option, though we’ll do our best to help you out.

CREW ACCESS– We allow crew at both sites, Main Start/Finish and Whiskey Girl. It’s a pretty quick shot from one to the other please keep an eye out for runners on Rocky Point Rd. That’s the ONLY road runners cross and they cross it twice. Also, please do not hang out on that road waiting for your runner. It’s not a super safe place to hang.

HUNTERS – Ok so this sounds way worse than it actually is. Being NYS DEC property there is bow hunting allowed starting Oct1 – we post signage at every hunting entrance that touches course ( and then some) They will KNOW you’re out there. People frequent the trail while they’re out there anyway, so they’re used to it. This is more to let you know that if you see someone with a bow, it’s ok and not to be alarmed.  They’ll probably stay away knowing that there will be so many of us in the woods that day.

FOOD AT AID STATIONS –  Working on a drink still, but it will most likely be tailwind or skratch. Food, recently we’ve noticed that a lot of you aren’t eating the sugary candies as much, ( don’t worry sweetteeth we’ll still have em) we’ll have more fruit and things of substance. We do our best to try to keep things shifting throughout the day.  If you have any requests we’ll try to get them for you. If it’s an allergy thing, I would try to prepare for yourself, but still let us know and we’ll do our best.   Please email nichole@happilyrunning.com with any requests.


ATHLETE TRACKING –  Working on this also – going to be testing out an app based thing. Another email will follow next week

DNF/ DROPPING DOWN DISTANCES –   Our first year we struggled hard with this. We honestly had a couple of pretty long conversations about what to do here, and we settled on the following rule. “The race you start is the race you must complete to earn a finish”  We did this because we want you to challenge yourself, we want you to try. If there is a medal waiting for you at every lap, then that make it less in our eyes.  You can change distances up until the race start time. So if you wanted to do the 100 but show up thinking you can only do a 50, you can tell us, and we’ll shift you to the 50. Though, once you start the 100, that’s that, you need to complete the 100.

Finally –  A DISCLAIMER – We want to see every single one of you finish. We’re going to try to talk you out of a DNF. We’re going to try to push you. We KNOW this isn’t easy. Nichole and I are not just sideline RDs, we’ve run the distances before. We’re on your side. We’ve popped blisters, we’ve seen you cry, we’ve seen you quit and regret it, we’ve see you regret NOT quitting, and we’ve see you celebrate at the finish.  This isn’t the Barkley so you won’t hear taps, but you will hear us telling you not to do it, and maybe a little playful taunting when you do.


We leave you with one of our favorite quotes from Ultra Running –

“I was starting to hurt, but then I burped and took a crap and am feeling

much better”

– Unknown, heard during the 1997 AR 50




Be on the lookout for a few more emails as we get closer.

  • Nichole and Vinny