Folks it’s here – less than 48 hours until the start. Here’s your final email from us. Please if you have any questions here.. let us know now …

Hello everyone!

   Hope you’re all getting some rest right about now. Just wanted to give you heads up on a few items for the weekend. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – if you haven’t already go head on over to and check out the site. There’s a good deal of info for you to geek out to

  • Weather –  Looks like it’s going to be nice but we might get some rain. Folks be careful out there, you’re in the woods on Long Island, there probably still will be some ticks so spray a bit. There are a LOT of pine needles out there, so you won’t have to worry too much about mud.

  • Parking – Please park across the street at Waldbaums Shopping Center. There is LIMITED space at the actual entrance to the trail. 100 Milers, since you’ll be arriving during the dark, feel free to drop your stuff, then move your car, but you MUST move your car. Not only is the space limited, but you need a permit to park there. Arrive a few minutes earlier than you planned, it’s going to take a few minutes to walk to the start

  • Address   245 New York 25A  Rocky Point, NY 11778  ( this is actually the address from Shopping Center across the street.

  • Crew Access – Crew is welcome to use this lot, once the racers are in and out on the course. Though, you cannot park there too long.

  • Road Crossings – There are 2 – one road that you cross twice, once on the way out, once on the way back. Please be safe there, look both ways, there will be a sign, but people drive the way they want, and with people texting and driving all the time, we don’t want anything to happen to anyone out there.

  • DNFs – As much as we’d like to see everyone of you finish, last year proved this is a pretty challenging course. We had a much higher DNF rate than we’d even thought we’d come close to. That being said, we’d like you to please return to the MAIN aid station [Start/Finish area] and turn notify Vinny that you will not be continuing the race. We will have medical staff out on course and want to make sure you’re safe.

  • Course Marking – There will be clothespins with pink survey flagging hanging from it. Also, there will be reflective tape from a lot of them, this way during the night you’ll see them just the same. We aim to have one always in line of sight.

  • LIVE tracking and Race day stuff – Head on over to and you’ll be able to get tracking ( We had some issues with this last year — hopefully the system is a little better this year. If it goes down, we’ll try to be more vocal on twitter and facebook so your friends and family can keep tabs.

    ) as well as see the results on the results page.

We’re going to be occupying state property. One of the reasons that there aren’t a lot of trail races on Long Island, is because they’re often reluctant to let people in them for events like this. We were lucky enough to have a runner themselves get involved on that end of things and give us a shot. PLEASE keep that in mind while you’re out there. Adhere to ALL leave no trace rules. This means bring out what you bring in. Please don’t leave any trash on the trail. If you have to use the bathroom on the trail, do your best to stay off main trails, and pack out your paper if you can. We really want to be able to offer this, and more, races next year!

To reduce the amount of waste that we have, we’re going to ask everyone do their best to use minimal cups at each aid stations and try to carry a water bottle or pack of sorts. If you have a bottle, or cup that you want to leave at the aid station to reuse each time you there, we will keep it aside for you and have it filled for you! Of course there will be cups there, we’ll have them, but we’d rather pack up unused ones for next year rather than throw away a bunch

Also it is technically small game hunting season. There may be a bow hunter or two near by. They are very good about the rules they have to follow out there. Things like shooting across open trails and being aware. In fact they’re probably going to stay away from us because the game will be too. Just know that they’re out there and if you see someone with a bow, its’ kinda normal.

AAAAAAAAND FINALLY! Ladies and Gentlemen… this is what you’ve been waiting for. This weekend it comes down to you out there.  Please shoot back an email with questions. We’ll leave you with this…

“Any idiot can run a marathon.  It takes a special kind of idiot to run
an ultramarathon.”
– Alan Cabelly

See you all this weekend!

Nichole & Vinny